Book Review | English

Book Review : Elle Burton and The Reflective Portals

“Elle, you are going to have experience others only dream of. You will visit Fiori, where flowers are as big as tractor tires. You will sail on the back of a giant turquoise bird and catch an elevator made of a spider’s web. You will ride on the back of Pegasus and be protected by a powerful warrior named Amadeus. You will save so many children as your grow into adulthood. Your mother and I will be so proud of you. I need you to be brave now”

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Book Review | Indonesia

Review Buku : Selected Fairy Tales

“But must we not all here on earth give up our best parts to others, and offer as much as lies in our power? It is true I have only given roses. But you—you who are so richly endowed—what have you given to the world? What will you give it?” –The Snail and the Rose-tree, p163.

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