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Book Review : The Book of Invisible Question

May 18, 2018


Title : The Book of Invisible Question

Author : Lala Bohang

Publisher : PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Published : May 22nd, 2017

Language : English

Other: Hardcover, 152 Pages

ISBN : 976 602 03 55351


The third book of Lala Bohang, and the second series of The Book of Forbidden Feeling. This book contains various questions from simple one to the complicated one,

How to make all the pain vanish? -p. 94


What is the world? -p. 17


from silly question to the important question,

Is recycle bin a living thing? -p. 34


What is the future? -p. 116


and from the shortest to the longest one.

How do you stay alive and enjoy all the beautiful and painful events in life without too much binge and eating and consuming junk food on weekends because nobody asks you to watch ugly movie and never get fat at any life situation and at the same time still work 9-6? -p. 75


Every question comes with answer, from the short one, to the simple, to the oblivious, and long one. The answer come from different perspectives; cockroach, kid, yogurt-girl, and delusional cat.

The Book of Invisible Question tells us that each question has their own answer. Either it’s from our own perspective or  others. But then, in some cases it’s better to leave the question unanswered. I take that the word ‘invisible’ in the title as it is.

As for the illustrations, I can’t comprehended them yet. The girl with white-black-stripes and medium long hair is there as usual–trapped or hidden under thing. And there are more doodles this time, mostly are in pieces.

My favourite part of the book is THIS IS A STORY ABOUT A GIRL WHO CHASES DISTRACTION ALL THE TIME. Reading this I feel stabbed. This is why I love read Lala Bohang’s book. Some of her writing is matching my thought. The girl in the story has a dream, she keeps telling her friends about her dream, but actually doesn’t do anything to fulfill it. The dream is staying only in hers never gets the chance to go out. A merely dreamer not a chaser.

Just like the previous book, I rated this book full-5 stars. The philosophical thought of Lala Bohang’s is still visible, through her question, and through her answers. Again I found myself nodded in agreement with them.

Do you like the first book? Read this one also, you would fall in love again with the book. Are you girls or women who love to lost in deep thought; having some question in your mind, read this book you probably would find your answer here.



About Author:

Lala Bohang was born in 1985, Makassar, and graduate from Parahyangan University Bandung in Architecture Major. She has participated in both solo and group exhibitions in Bandung, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta, also in Darmstadt and Sydney. She currently lives and works as an artist and illustrator in Jakarta.

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