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Book Review : The Book of Forbidden Feeling

May 7, 2018


Title : The Book of Forbidden Feeling

Author : Lala Bohang

Publisher : PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Published : Jakarta, 2016

Language : English

Other: Hardcover,  147 pages

ISBN : 978-602-03-3189-8



A friend of mine recommends this book to me. At first I think it’s a poetry book. It looks like one, but then I couldn’t find a perfect way to describe this book. So I’m going to borrow Mia Maria’s words, written in the foreword.


Looking at her drawing is like reading her book of principles, while reading her writings is like listening to her most inner thought.


The Book of Forbidden Feeling by Lala bohang fills with her thought of love and life. She wrote about relationship: fell in love, the intimacy, spending time together, figuring out each other; then the break-up, the betrayal, the heartbroken and the self-pity—all over again.


The smell of my exes all over my body. I suddenly smell all of them. -p.19


Relationship with the universe; with people around, girl-friends, spending time together from beauty-parlor to luncheon—chatting and all. Her unique illustration and then her philosophical thought. I like how Lala Bolang wrote all these feelings and thoughts in the book; feelings that usually people kept inside, afraid that it won’t get their own place outside the mind.


And the cycle goes like this: strangers become non strangers become strangers. All over again. -p.103


Lala’s illustrations mainly are, a girl with one piece black-white-horizontal-stripes cloth with short haircut. Most of the illustration always shows how the girl is lost in the crowd of things. It’s either she’s trapped or buried in the crowd or simply sits among them. Tied inside a mattress, under a stack of teddy bear, a pot, a lamp, a blanket, a book, a cake, clock, bird-cage, etc. I feel like, the girl is Lala herself. She, who is lost in her feelings, and crowded thoughts.

I enjoy my read from the first page until the last one. I enjoy every thought, most probably from her own experience and every definition written. This book, makes me feel that I have a close friend, who I can listen and share my deepest thought with—strange, sad and dark. A friend that reflects our thoughts. They are deep, bare, pure yet dark and to me the truth.


Your happiness is always urgent. -p.105


I gave this book full rate–5 stars–for I keep coming back and re-read this book. The contents are so quotable. Would love to recommend The Book of Forbidden Feeling to girls and women who are love to lost in deep thought; wondering about love and life or are you sometimes a melancholy person? Dearie, you’re going to enjoy this.


About Author:

Lala Bohang was born in 1985, Makassar, and graduate from Parahyangan University Bandung in Architecture Major. She has participated in both solo and group exhibitions in Bandung, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta, also in Darmstadt and Sydney. She currently lives and works as an artist and illustrator in Jakarta.


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