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Book Review : Missing – Lesson From Fiori 2

June 1, 2018

Title : Missing – Lesson from Fiori Book 2

Published : 2016

ISBN : 9178-9627792-0-6 (ebook)

Edition Language : English

Series : Lessons from Fiori #2

Paperback : 260 pages


Missing is the second series of Lesson from Fiori and the continuation of Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals where Elle, a little girl, who was chosen as a guide for children at the age of tenth. She just lost her father and at the same time blessed with a baby brother. Since that day her life changed. She has to burden more things than a girl at her own age; nevertheless Elle was enjoying her new role. Following previous story where JJ—Elle’s little brother—was kidnaped when they went to fairgrounds. Shaken by what happened, Elle made a careless decision by wishing herself to Amadeus, which was a big mistake, and what’s more she took Jimmy—a non-guide children—with her. She immediately brought them into dangerous situation for Amadeus was in the middle of fighting a Zorin. This was where Elle fulfilled her second—important—challenges as a guide, as written in the prophecies roll.

Then this time in Missing, the story continued with Jimmy that was pointed as a guide. He even got his own Fiorin and right after the appointment both of Jimmy and his Fiorin went back to the fairgrounds, the boy was so determined to help Elle to go through her problem and he did by accompany Elle and her family until the problem solved. And to help finding out and getting back JJ Mother blue, the leader of Fiorin, sent two warriors of Fiorin who have unique ability to help Amadeous as soon as they found out JJ’s location. It’s good that Eunie Mae as JJ’s Fiorin was with him all the time, and with her own ability she would be able to keep JJ safe.

In Missing, Zorins’ works were more prominent, more than one Zorin came out to confront Elle for they were afraid that the girl would fulfill the prophecies. They were the reason why JJ was kidnaped, by entering the woman who was in grief for losing her dear son.

All the problem that happened for the past years started to weigh Elle down, losing her dad making she has to push herself to be in charge of her mother—as she was still in grief—while trying her best to be an older sister. And with JJ’s kidnapping, she started to lose faith in herself as guide and in God. All those insecure, fear and angry feeling in the end became the biggest obstacle.

Not only focus on Elle, in this book Jimmy got his share of responsibility as a guide. He is a nice, silly and brave young boy. I love how he always trying his best to help other, and to be a good guide even though sometimes he said offended words or even complaining but he still finished his responsibility nicely. I cracked a few times for what he did and sometimes I shaking my head at him. I also love when he confronted his bully brother in nice way, without anger or grudge then make a piece.

The story was so different from what I imagine, as this one is a fantasy story, with Zorin as villain that would disturb human in every possible way and Fiorin as a guardian and children as guide. There is a part of me that waiting for a certain fight between them. Something like in the first book when Elle was face to face with the Zorin. But this time I found the fight is different—well less bloody I think. Overall I like the second book more than the first, for the part when they rescue JJ is more thrilling and exciting.

The author want to tell more about the emotional turbulence that happened with the character, Elle’s mom, Elle and the woman who kidnapped Elle. How the fear brought them low and only their own faith and the support from people around them who could bring them up again. Faith, courage and patience. Three point that I keep find when I read the book. Elle’s struggle teach me that it’s okay to be afraid, but don’t lose yourself in it.

I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars. I feel like missing the ‘climax’ feeling of the story, like maybe it was there but then it ended too soon. Still I would love to recommend this book to Children and to parents who want to teach their children about faith in God while enjoying lovely story. This book cited some bible words and it’s comforting when you read this.


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