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Book Review : Elle Burton and The Reflective Portals

April 25, 2018

Title : Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals

Published : June 15th 2014 by Wheatmark

ISBN : 1627870563

Edition Language : English

Series : Lessons from Fiori #1

Paperback : 276 pages



“Elle, you are going to have experience others only dream of. You will visit Fiori, where flowers are as big as tractor tires. You will sail on the back of a giant turquoise bird and catch an elevator made of a spider’s web. You will ride on the back of Pegasus and be protected by a powerful warrior named Amadeus. You will save so many children as your grow into adulthood. Your mother and I will be so proud of you. I need you to be brave now”

Elle Burton is a little girl who is chosen as a guide, it is on her 10th birthday that everything changes. It is the day when someone she hold dear is taken away from her and on the same day she is blessed with new family member, a baby brother. On the way to school she meets a little creature with wings called Fiorin, the fairy-like creature is a protector of human child and only those are under 8 years old who could see them. Still on the very same day Elle finds out that she is a guide.  Being a guide means she will help Fiorin to protect children from Zorin who would do anything to harm every children on earth. A task that I personally thought would be difficult for ten years old girl.

The author, Peggy M. McAloon, wants to share her strong feeling to protect children through this book. I can feel that in Elle’s character. The girl wants to protect people around her, wishing that the world would be gentler to children and powerless people. She is so determined to help Fiorin to keep children safe and happy with her capability as a guide. It makes her more mature, and more sensible than kid on her own age. Nevertheless deep inside Elle is still a fragile young girl, fear and doubt fill her occasionally. Especially when she knows what she does will be dangerous and if something happened her mother will be devastating.

The last book I read with a little girl as the main character was Narnia. When I read the synopsis of this book I was hope to find the same kind of feeling as Narnia but I didn’t. Elle Burton and The Reflective Portal is different, in a good way; it tells us real problem that happened in the real life, not just a fantasy. Parent-violence towards their children, fraud towards elderly that is not only affect them directly but their family, especially the younger generation, and bully in school. Elle’s pure character and the way she reacts to the problem around her feels real.

Overall I rated this book with 4 star, at the beginning the story moved too slow, and it was boring. Then I was excited when Elle finally having her mission. So did, when Elle met and helped the Fiorin to fight Zorin exactly the way his father describe before. Then there is bullying-problem with her classmate Jimmy, I am interested in how Elle would help Jimmy change, but unfortunately Jimmy’s part is too short and too simple.

This is not only a book that tells a story, an imagination about Fiorin who are living in a beautiful places with wonderful creatures that exist to protect children from evil Zorin. Elle Burton and The Reflective Portal is a book that teaches children, in their young age, to be kind to people around them, and to be aware and helpful of their friends who is hurt or in trouble.

I recommend this book for parents who are looking for a good story to read for their children whether on free time or for bed-time, mom, dad, you would love to choose this book.

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  1. Thank you, so much, for your lovely review of “Elle Burton and the Reflective Portal.” I don’t think most people realize how mature a ten-year-old child can become when the abuse starts at a really young age. Little children become old and trapped in their child’s body. My prayers are that Elle’s journey becomes an inspiration to children who are hurting and will empower them to find someone to help them.

    1. Little children become old and trapped in their child’s body.

      Yes, and sometimes it’s difficult to notice them. I hope more children out there will read this book, then learn from Elle how to be kind and brave, so do the parents and adults. And thank you so much for writing this book. Would love to read the second book also 🙂

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