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[BR] Happiness is All We Want

October 24, 2018
Book Review : Happiness is All We Want


Title : Happiness is All We Want

Author : Ashutosh Mishra

Published : First published in 2017

Publisher : Bloomsburry Publishing Plc

Cover Edition : – (eBook)

Language Edition : English


TPB : 978-9-3862-5007-0

eBook : 978-9-3862-5009-4

Today, we are leading our lives in mindless pursuit, unable even to articulate what we are pursuing. We are unhappy even after achieving what we desire. Happiness is all we want! Suggests that the source of peace and happiness is within us, if we know the secret. The book’s objective is to help us unlock that secret and attain a high level of overall well-being in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life and be the healthiest we can be, mentally and physically. A wide variety of tools and techniques are explained in simple language. Many real life experiences of the author as well as other people are interspersed through the book.

Demystifying the spiritual aspect of wellbeing, this book integrates it with your life objectives. You can immensely improve not only the peace and happiness in your life but your beauty and appearance as well. self-development; self-improvement; personality development; wellbeing; physical;mental;spiritual; happiness; health; emotional.



A complete package of self-help book that can teach us how to be happy. Not only talking about it from one side but also reaching out from another side of our life. This book was divided into three main parts; mental well-being, physical well-being and spiritual well-being.

I always thought that being happy means getting what we want for my life. But right from the first part of the author clearly think it wrong. The desire to be happy will never truly fulfilled, will be only temporarily gained then we will crave for more. It’s really hit the nail. I do feel like that, the never ending wishes to be happy but still wish for more. I never realized it, not until the author, Ashutosh Mishra, pointed it out.

Thus, happiness to me is not only having what you want but also the ability to enjoy what you have on a continued basis. It is the ability to physically and mentally  do what matters the most. Enjoying, rather than dissipating ourselves in a mindless rat-race.

Right from the first chapter, I’ve been told a very interesting statement. We shouldn’t mindlessly pursuing happiness but with being aware of our self, and our needs then calmly creating it.

Then how do we achieved it? This is the part where I love the book.

The key to success in any sustainable wellness program is to first  understand how the mind works, how does it control our activities and the choices that we make in our life.”

Mental well-being, happiness started with how we managed our mind. The author has shared some wish-lists to write down as part to learn how to maintain a mental well-being. I remembered back when I was still a student, I was practicing a similar wish-list; an easy one for every semester and when I really focus on it the result would turn out really well. Focus and regular repetition of the wish-list is important in order to succeed them. Nevertheless, since I graduated and found work I naturally forgot the practice.

Physical aspects of our body matter not only because they impact our appearance but more so because they reflect the inner state of health of our body. If these physical aspects are artificially attained with the help of medicines and surgery, they may not correctly reflect the condition of health or the well-being of the body

Physical well-being. A healthy person also have a healthy mind. Even every miss universe always told us the same through their famous commercial. Yoga, meditation and a right and regular exercise also play a vital role in one happiness.

The spiritual wellness that we are exploring here means that you are completely at peace with yourself and your surroundings. It means that your mind and body are purified and are peacefully engaged in positive karma. And that leads to the long term welfare of the soul

Spiritual well-being. Knowing that each spiritual well-being of a individual is different, Ashutosh Mishra did remind the reader to follow each of own beliefs. Karma and rebirth are also explained in this part, as well as sleeping process, fear and more spiritual cleansing subject. I skip some of this part, for I have a different belief from the author and still found this part is completing this book really well.

Each part of the Happiness is All We Want accompanied by some short and long notes:

  1. Practical tip. An experience of other or the author thoughts in regards of the subject discussed plus some advice about it.
  2. Happiness moment. An experience of the author himself or others, in acquiring the happiness in every possible situation, even in the bad one.
  3. Wake-up stories. Just like its name ‘wake-up’ this part include another experience from people when they realized the time they had wasted on being unhappy rather than enjoying their surrounding or taking care of their self.
  4. Tech traps. It has small appearance in the book only two entries. Both talking how the technology now-day could be a help but also could be disturbance for happiness well-being.
  5. Smart Well-being Capsule. Steps that we should follow in order to gain mental, physical and spiritual well-being.


A real-life experiments by the author and some people, advises and basic steps to gain a healthy well-being for a happy life. All of it make this book is worth to rate 5 stars for its helpfulness, not only theoretically but also practically, except one thing that I dislike is the overlong wake up story that tend to take one page and more.

After all I would love to recommend this book to all kind of people, especially those who are currently feeling stuck, for life is such a roller coaster emotion that made us being happy at the moment and unhappy the next minute. Read this book, it will help you to understand and to be able to gain a better peaceful mind in your daily life. May happiness be with you !

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